I had a fantastic experience working with Jim! I was looking for my first real job after fellowship and I was lucky enough to have Jim to walk me through the entire process of contract review and negotiation. He was very knowledgeable and up to date regarding recent changes in the law that affected key portions of my contract. He responded to emails in a timely manner. I thought that his rates were very reasonable, and he was very efficient with the time we had.

I will definitely refer any colleagues I have to Jim in the future, this was truly a great experience.

E.K., MD

“I am a newly graduating family medicine resident starting my first real job and found Jim online to help look over my job contract with me. He was a delight to work with! He sent me a thorough email of talking points beforehand and went through the contract step by step with me. He was very knowledgeable in what other physician contracts are like and was able to give me advice to discuss with my soon to be employer before signing.  It was well worth spending the money for his services. I will have my husband use him to review his physician contract as well. Highly recommend!”

Faith D., MD

“I contacted Jim for help in writing a physician contract to hire new docs into my practice.  Jim was very responsive and easy to work with.  He was collaborative and explained options in simple, non-legal terms.  I highly recommend him!”

J.H., MD

“Jim helped me negotiate with a big pharmacy chain.  He told me that he wouldn’t get involved if I didn’t have a case. That told me that Jim is honest. Jim went above and beyond; he gave way more of his time than I expected. Jim is super responsive, easy to talk to, and underneath it all you can tell Jim is thoughtful and kind. Getting Jim’s advice and guidance is well worth it. I couldn’t recommend him more.”

Allan, MS, RPh

“Jim was extremely helpful in navigating a challenging employment transition.  As a long-term employee and the head of a large medical center, Jim’s contract evaluation and counsel ensured my interests were protected and well represented.”

Anonymous, RN

Jim Vogele has been an excellent resource for employment contract law consultation throughout my professional development as a clinical psychologist and entrepreneur. My experience has been that Jim is timely, efficient, affordable, and thoughtful in his consultations. Having Jim’s expertise has helped me improve my understanding of legal issues regarding employment contracts and has freed up time to work on the many other demands of my group practice.”

Christopher, Ph.D.

Jim made navigating a confusing and stressful situation as easy as possible. He was responsive, knowledgeable, and reassuring. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!”

C., Certified Strength and Nutrition Coach

“Jim has been very helpful in reviewing different veterinary employment contracts in the past few years. I find contacts to be stressful and difficult to understand, but Jim recommended a number of alterations that ended up being very useful. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and prompt, and I’d recommend him to other veterinarians!”

Amy, DVM

“I reached out to Jim for guidance on transitioning smoothly from one clinic location to another. He reviewed my contract thoroughly with me, answered my many questions in detail, provided clear and prudent advice, and drafted a resignation letter to help facilitate the process. Thanks to his wisdom and insight, the transition went much better than expected. I only wish I had sought his advice when I was originally negotiating the contract and plan to do so in the future. I cannot recommend his services highly enough!”

Dr. J, ND, LAc

“Jim’s expertise helped me navigate through significant contract negotiations with my employer. Not only was his thorough consult advantageous to forging a more beneficial relationship with my employer, but it also provided me clarity and calm during a period of uncertainty. Jim’s work on my case brings me gratitude to this day and I would recommend his professional acumen to all my friends and colleagues.”

L., MD

“Whenever our office is in need of an attorney’s advice regarding labor laws or specific issues with employees, Jim’s expert knowledge has been very helpful and all communication is done in a timely manner. Jim is very approachable, responsive and his direct and pragmatic approach to our office’s specific issues have been very valuable. I would highly recommend his service!”

Dr. Nicholson, DMD

“I hired Jim Vogele for my initial contract and then again for contract negotiations with my current employer.  He was super helpful in answering all my questions and navigating confusing contract language.  He helped me advocate for myself and know how to “speak the language” which helped me feel confident in asking for changes to my contract.  He is quick to respond, easy to work with and kind!   I would hire him again in a heartbeat to help with any future contract needs, and I never plan to sign a contract without review in the future.  The peace of mind of having him review my contract was so worth it.”

Alison M., MD

Prior to engaging an attorney to review my contract, I researched several attorneys and Jim was a clear leader on this topic. I was not disappointed; his process was methodical, thorough, and efficient. Perhaps most importantly, he educated me on key factors in my particular situation, allowing me to be confident in my contract negotiations. I’ve recommended his services to other physicians who’ve been equally impressed.”

Adam, MD

“The recommendations were on point.  Jim, exceeded any prior expectation I had and has set a bar many will never achieve.  He will be my first call for any contract related question or guidance.  A complete package at an honest rate.

Lamar, DO

“Jim Vogele helped me understand the nuances of my employment contract when I was separating from my employer. At that time I was particularly naive of the ramifications of the noncompete clause I had signed years before. Jim was able to help me put into perspective the options that I had so I was able to make the right choice for my family.  I highly recommend his counsel in understanding medical employment contracts.


“I reached out to Jim Vogele when I was looking to negotiate my first employment contract following the completion of my medical residency. Jim was quick to respond, and in no time we were able to set up an appointment to review the offer my employer had made me. Jim’s rates were extremely reasonable, and he efficiently provided me the advice I needed to be able to successfully negotiate the terms of the offer in my favor. I would gladly work with Jim Vogele in the future for any of my employment contract needs.”

N., MD

“Jim came through for me at a dark time in my career!  His skills navigating employment law were excellent.  He was focused and to the point.  If you need a lawyer in your corner, Jim will not disappoint!

Nick, MD

“I worked with Mr. Vogele in reviewing my first contract out of residency in the fall of 2019.  He was quick to respond to my inquiry email with a quote for the review and what he could offer in contract review. He gave an accurate estimate of the time he would spend on the contract and then offered a meeting with myself and my partner to review the contract. He went through the contract line by line, explained things well, and answered all my questions. He was professional and thorough. I enjoyed working with him and would strongly recommend him to others.”

Whitney, MD

“Jim was so helpful for me as a physician starting in practice.  He reviewed my contract, and not only made the document make sense, but helped demystify the process in general.  With his guidance, I felt completely comfortable negotiating and signing my contract.  I would heartily recommend him and am glad we found him.”

Monika M., MD

“Jim provided an efficient and excellent review of my physician contract which significantly improved my contract negotiations. He was a pleasure to work with.

Jessica, MD

Jim is absolutely wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable on medical field contracts. He helped me through a complicated and stressful situation, which culminated in us achieving my desired outcome. I learned a lot in the process, and I will definitely continue using him for my future needs. I cannot overstate how strongly I recommend him.”

Emily, DDS

“Although I am skilled in caring for patients, contracts and legalese are very difficult for me to understand.  Jim carefully and meticulously walked me through both contracts and pointed out the benefits of my new contract as well as areas where I could propose a counter offer.  He gave me the understanding and confidence to ask for new terms in my contract, which I am happy to report my new employers accepted easily. Without Jim’s guidance, I may have signed a binding contract that could have placed me in an unfavorable position.  I am very fortunate to have worked with Jim and am extremely grateful for his expertise.  I would recommend him without reservation!”

Lorna, MD

“We never thought we would be in a position where we would need an employment lawyer. Thank goodness we found Jim! I could not imagine working with anyone else. Jim’s sense of urgency, expertise, and empathy helped us navigate an emotional time while putting us at ease. His pricing was incredibly fair and he truly took the time to understand our story and to collaborate with us on the best strategy for our situation. I would easily recommend Jim to anyone in need of legal advice. We continue to lean on him to this day for our company.”

L. & P.

“Employees often feel very vulnerable when confronting their employer, especially as a professional.  Jim was a tremendous advocate for me, resolving my matter in an amicable, fair manner that protected me professionally.  He did such an exceptional job, opposing counsel complimented him on how well he served me as his client.

Lori, MD, Director of Anesthesia

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